Advocacy for Parent and Child Survivors

Impact of a Batterer: Domestic Violence in the Lives of Children (APCS110)

This session provided an overview of how the batterer and their tactics create traumatic experiences, grief, and loss in children and teens' lives. We explored trauma-informed approaches in communicating with children along with their parents. We highlighted how a batterer's tactics toward the whole family impact the survivor's emotional and physical safety feelings. Helpers will better understand how a batterer deprives their child of empathy and consistency, sabotages the parenting role, and creates trauma and chronic stress experiences. Participants learned about trauma-informed approaches in allying with both youth and parent survivors. The resources and handouts shared will enhance your work with young people and their parents.

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  • Impact of a Batterer (Part 1)
  • Impact of a Batterer (Part 2)
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