Advocacy for Parent and Child Survivors

Gender Norms / Diversity and Inclusion (APCS111)

So many people believe the saying, “Boys will be boys”. Do you ever stop to think about how this thought process actually might be influencing the way in which you work with boys in your services?

In this youth advocacy caucus meeting, we discussed how this type of belief can alter our professional interactions and cause secondary victimization to the boys we serve. We, as helping professionals, have to think through how to engage boys with empathy and modeling, sending them the messages that they matter and are deserving.

This quarter we welcomed Glenn Harris to facilitate our discussion regarding engaging boys in our services. Glenn’s role at ODVN as the Assistant Director of Prevention centers his work on the prevention of gender-based violence. Glenn's expertise showed us how we can engage youth who are boys in your community, in shelter programming, and in prevention work in schools. We weaved approaches in working with youth living in the midst of their trauma, grief, and losses and how you can better serve them with empathy while removing bias and typical child-rearing responses for boys who are hurting.

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  • Youth Advocacy Caucus - June 22, 2021
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